Newsletter No. 7

Newsletter No. 7

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

From the enormity of the galaxies to the incredibly small atom, the stuff everything in the universe is made from – matter, everything is extraordinarily intricate. Then there are all the forces that interact with matter, gravity to name just one; the fundamental laws that predict how matter behaves, and all the hundreds of thousands of combinations of atoms that make up everything we see. Science has firmly declared its confidence that it understands and can explain everything about matter. However, we are told that this complexity and order came about by chance through the “Big Bang”, what scientists call the explosion and expansion the very moment the universe came into existence. What triggered the explosion? Science cannot answer.

Many scientists suggest that chance alone is responsible for everything in the universe, but if chance was the formulator through a ‘Big Bang’ constructive explosion, then why do we see such order and extraordinary complexity? Chaos always leads to chaos. What if the universe was commanded into existence by God the creator and not by chance? Order would be driven by His purpose for all of mankind throughout the ages.

What has science discovered?
At the atomic level, we see that every atom has a distinct structure that reflects its nature. Every atom has specified properties (that only change when something interacts with it, and even then, these reactions are very specific). No atom can ever react outside its intrinsic capabilities. The study of sub-atomic particles also shows order and consistency that leaves us awestruck by the meticulous detail in what’s known at the present time.

We could consider every level from sub-microscopic to intergalactic, and everything shows order, but it also shows decay. How can we understand what we observe? We can either invent theories and hope the observations match, or we can observe and fit the science to what’s known. The two formational paradigms (Big Bang, or Creation) start and end in different places.

  • Big Bang relies on what’s not seen to justify its theories and by inference sits outside normal empirical science (it does not seek to understand what is observed, it predicts what’s needed to make the theory work). It is bad science at best and a belief system without foundation.
  • Creation starts with God ordering everything into existence and He sustains this creation within set constraints. We find predictable and repeatable order in how everything holds together. We also have an eye-witness account of what took place, and what we see aligns with what we’re told (if people would examine the evidence in an unbiased way).

The Bible tells us that at Creation everything was perfect (very good) Genesis 1:31.  Sadly, all that changed in Genesis 3, with sin infecting this perfection.  Paul describes this demise in Romans 8:22 – “the whole creation groans and travails in pain” (NKJV).  A perfect creation, spoiled by sin, continues to decay, and if we look, we can see the evidence that supports this at every level of science.

The end points of both paradigms are quite different:

  • Big Bang leads ultimately to a total collapse. Everything ceases and everything is pointless.  This godless theory leads to a hopeless end.
  • By contrast, God declares that this decaying world will be transformed. 2 Peter 3:13 says: God promises “new heavens and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness”.

Creation by God points to the beauty and order we see (admittedly marred by sin) but also offers the hope that sin’s consequences will ultimately be removed for ever.  Do we accept man’s theories that reject God, or do we accept what’s said in God’s Word?  Do we accept life without meaning, or do we see God’s handiwork in all creation?  The choice is ours to make!

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