Paul Garner – 3 & 5pm, Saturday 6th May

Paul Garner – 3 & 5pm, Saturday 6th May

Two Talks by Paul Garner from the Biblical Creation Trust at:

Grace Evangelical Church, Carlisle

Personal Information

Paul Garner MSc, FGS is a full-time Researcher and Lecturer for Biblical Creation Trust (website). He has an MSc in Geoscience from University College London, where he specialised in palaeobiology. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of several other scientific societies. His first book, The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theories on a Biblical Foundation, was published by Evangelical Press in 2009.



3 PM

Why I’m a Creationist

Shows that popular ‘textbook’ arguments in favour of evolution have significant problems and that biblical creation can explain the data better.

5 PM

Voyage to the Planets: Solar System Discoveries that Confirm Creation

Journey through our cosmic “backyard” asking whether our solar system originated by natural processes operating over billions of years – or by special creation not so long ago.



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Further Reading From The Speaker

50 years of creationism

Young-age creationism is not new, despite efforts by its critics to explain it away as a modern theological aberration, derived from Seventh-day Adventism or American fundamentalism.

All the foundational ideas of young-age creationism, including a recent creation, death through sin and a global Flood, can be traced back millennia.

It is true that young-age creationism was eclipsed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with much of the professing church accepting an old earth and, in the decades after Darwin, the theory of evolution…

Evaluating Christian views of origins

Should we search for harmony between Genesis and modern scientific accounts of origins? And, if so, what are the options available to us?
In fact, these debates had been raging for over 100 years before Darwin came along, because of the demands being made by geologists for increasingly long periods of pre-human history in their understanding of geological phenomena.
While theological liberals have been content to relegate Genesis to the status of pre-scientific myth, those holding more conservative views of the Bible have tended to seek complementarity with science, in one form or another.
In this article, we will evaluate four such popular solutions to this problem…

Time for an upgrade?

Creationist researcher s strive to understand what the earth’s rock record has to teach us about god’s judgment and mercy. While we never waver on god’s word, we must constantly reevaluate models and adopt new ones if they make better sense of the evidence. British researcher Paul Garner made such a radical shift when he learned what the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (CPT) model can explain…

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